Founded over 22 years ago, we have vast experience in equipping officers who deal with control and restraint, firearms, public order and anti-riot situations worldwide. We are able to supply a full range of personal protective equipment including helmets, boots, gloves, ballistic equipment, batons and officer safety training equipment.
    At MLA, our team brings years of frontline experience to bear on the design and manufacturing of personal protective equipment for Police Officers. A deep understanding of the role of Police equipment, in use on the front line, gives us insights which allow for the ideal combination of rigorously tested performance, comfort, ease of use and value.
    We concentrate first and foremost on performance in the field. Our choice of materials and construction involves balancing the robust with the practical and comfortable – we know how important it is to have kit that won’t let officers down. That comes from our background and experience at the front line of policing. Not only are there former police officers on our team, we are also in regular contact with members of today’s forces.