police clothing

MLA offer a comprehensive range of police clothing and police equipment including boots, belts, police gloves, jackets & trousers, police vests and fire-retardant clothing – all manufactured to the highest standard and designed for police or prison officer use.

We concentrate first and foremost on performance in the field. Our choice of materials and construction involves balancing the robust with the practical and comfortable – we know how important it is to have police clothing and kit that won’t let officers down. That comes from our background and experience at the front line of policing. Not only are there former police officers on our team, we are also in regular contact with members of today’s forces.

You can also view or download a PDF of our police clothing range.

fire retardant clothing4

We offer a range of fire-retardant clothing for work in the field, including balaclavas, vests and long johns. All our fire-retardant gear comforms to EN531 standards and are machine washable.

police belts6

MLA design and manufacture a range of heavy duty equipment belts for police use. We also sell leather and nylon belt buckle covers.

police boots2

Our police boots are designed and manufactured to the highest standard. Both the MLA Defender boot and the MLA Typhoon boot are part of the National Framework Contracts standard and are fully certified to EC standards.

police caps2

MLA sell a range of Police caps and headgear in a number of colours. All our caps have subtle reflective piping.

police gloves29

MLA offer an extensive range of police gloves for various police duties, situations and applications, including Public Order Gloves, Firearms Gloves and Uniform Police Gloves. We also offer a range of Specialist Police Gloves for ceremonial use, tactical use and motorcycle wear. All public order gloves in the MLA Defender police glove range share the same basic construction and are made from hard-wearing goatskin leather. The Defender police gloves are flame retardant and penetration resistant.

police jackets & trousers3

Our high performance Police clothing is designed for comfort and durability. Our TDU trousers, part of the %!! Tactical Series have a self-adjusting comfort-waist Cargo pockets with built-in backup belt system to carry additional gear. Our breathable, lightweight jackets offer high performance protection in both dry and wet weather conditions.

police vests5

The MLA range of police vests are designed to carry a variety of police equipment, taking the load off the duty belt and reducing back stress, whilst keeping kit easily accessible.

F100 NK Leather Police Gloves

F100 lightweight leather police glove

F100 NR Leather Police Gloves

F100 NR Leather Police Gloves

MM5 Lightweight Firearms Gloves GE-MM5

Lightweight police firearms gloves

SG60V Leather Police Firearms Gloves

Leather police firearms gloves with thermal insulation

RG50 Police Firearms Gloves

Lightweight Neoprene police firearms gloves

TL20 Police Firearms Gloves

Lightweight police firearms glove

W171 White Nylon Ceremonial Police Gloves

Ceremonial police gloves in nylon or cotton.