police handcuffs

MLA Police handcuffs and restraints are used by police forces throughout the UK. We offer a selection of hinged, chain link and rigid handcuffs in steel as well as plastic wrist restraints. MLA also stock leather and suedette wrist protectors.

Suedette Wrist Protector

Police handcuff wrist protector - leather and suede.

Leather Wrist Protector

Police handcuff wrist protector in leather

Re-usable Plastic Handcuffs Tie

Plastic handcuff ties

Cord Handcuffs

Braided nylon cord handcuffs

Rigid Handcuffs

Rigid steel police handcuffs. Regulation police issue.

Hinged Handcuffs HF-810

Steel police handcuffs with hinge.

Chain Handcuffs HF800

Nickel plated steel police handcuffs with double link steel chain.