police protective equipment

We are able to supply a full range of police protective equipment and riot kit including helmets, limb protection, mounted protection, shields and goggles.

Much of our protective equipment is to National Framework Contracts standards – and beyond. A deep understanding of the role of this equipment, in use on the front line, gives us insights which allow for the ideal combination of rigorously tested performance, comfort, ease of use and value.

anti riot and ballistic police shields13

MLA Ballistic shields and police riot shields provide protection against high powered threats for law enforcement during tactical entry and public order situations. We provide a wide range of anti-riot shields and ballistic shields including ballistic blankets, trolley shields, ladder shields, vehicle armour, ladder shields and other ballistic protection.

ballistic & anti riot police helmets5

We design and manufacture a range of public order helmets and ballistic helmets. All our public order helmets are build to HOSDB standard. Our Defender public order helmet is part of the National Framework Contract. We also offer a range of optional extras including visors, helmet bags, torch mounting systems, helmet bags and belt mounted helmet carriers. These can be viewed from the optional extras tab within each product. Our ballistic helmets offer protection to NIJIIIA Standard.

mounted police protection4

Mounted police protective equipment is essential if Police horses are to avoid serious injury. Horses have proved to be very effective in riot control but also easy to set out of action if they are missing protective equipment. MLA offer horse visors, nose guards and horse limb protection to ensure Police horse injuries are kept to a minimum.

police limb protection7

MLA offer a comprehensive range of body armour and Police limb protection. All our police limb protection equipement has been certified to HOSDB 20/07 Blunt Trauma Protection Standard for the UK Police. We also offer Mounted Police protection equipment including horse visors, horse nose protectors and horse limb protection.

protective goggles3

MLA supply a range of protective eyewear including ballistic goggles, tactical goggles and military goggles from the Peltor Sentinel range.