anti riot and ballistic police shields

MLA Ballistic shields and police riot shields provide protection against high powered threats for law enforcement during tactical entry and public order situations.

We provide a wide range of anti-riot shields and ballistic shields including ballistic blankets, trolley shields, ladder shields, vehicle armour, ladder shields and other ballistic protection.

ballistic shields8

MLA provide an extensive range of ballistic shields, designed for tactical applications. We work with Police Forces throughout the UK and deliver bespoke design solutions for specific anti-riot and tactical situations. We also provide a full range of public order riot shields. You can download a PDF of our ballistic shields and police helmets product range.

public order / anti riot police shields5

MLA Riot Shields are a very effective protective barrier against non-ballistic missile attack and large scale public order control. MLA offer a wide range of riot shields including light weight round shields, dog handler shields and full body riot shields. We also offer a wide range of ballistic shields.

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