police training equipment

An extensive range of police training equipment and accessories are now available, which include training gloves and headgear, strike bags, protective padding and dummy weapons.

You can also view or download a PDF of our police training equipment.

police combat scenario training1

Our foam furniture is designed to assist in police combat scenario training. Foam furniture is designed to allow officers to become more aware of typical hazards that may be encountered in a residential building or commercial office scenario.

police combat training dummy weapons4

Our dummy weapons range is intended to allow realistic close combat training whilst minimising potential injury.

police combat training gloves3

MLA stock high quality leather sparring and bag gloves for close combat training. We also sell fingerless training gloves which provide impact protection whilst allowing maximum dexterity and freedom of movement.

police combat training headguards3

High quality head guards are essential to stay safe during combat training. Our own range of MLA headguards ensure a comfortable fit and optimum protection. You can also stay protected with our range of combat training pads and limb guards.

police combat training pads7

MLA provide a range of body protection for close combat police training. As well as shin and forearm guards, we also stock cuff guards which provide wrist protection during handcuff training.

police combat training safety mats2

MLA provide high density chipfoam mats for police combat training, as well as the 12" thick safety mattress with a flame retardant, PVC coated nylon cover.

police combat training strike bags6

MLA offer a range of strike bags and opponent bags for police combat training. As well as contoured, flat and curved strike pads, we also stock Wavemaster upper torso strike bags.